The Municipality of Katipunan (formerly Lubungan) was founded by the Franciscan Missionaries who came to the island of Mindanao and Sulu and established the “Parochia” of Lubungan, Zamboanga.

                These evangelists established settlements composed of Subanen communities who were subsequently converted to the Christian faith. The government was administered by the ‘Kapitan’ who were appointed to the position upon recommendation of the missionaries.

                On. February 2, 1914, fifteen (15) years after the Americans took control of the country. Frank Carpenter, the Governor General of Mindanao and Sulu, signed into law Executive Order No. 21 instituting Lubungan (former name of Katipunan) as a duly constituted municipality upon the recommendation of Provincial Governor Luis Lim.

                The first municipal official appointed in 1915 was Municipal President Leoncio Adasa. In 1919 the first municipal election was held and the late Fernando Eguia was then elected Municipal President at that time.

                In 1936 Lubungan was renamed into Katipunan upon the recommendation of the council of Lubungan under Res. No. 8 by virtue of Commonwealth Act. No.3832, the name “Katipunan” became effective. Year 1951 a petition of the inhabitants of the barrios of Manukan, Manawan and Ponot (now Jose Dalman) made the recommendation of the Provincial Board headed by the former Governor Serapio Datoc, caused the passage of Republic Act 655, dated June 16, 1951 creating the Municipality of Manukan composed of the Barangays mentioned. Dohinob Daku River became the boundary of the said municipality.

                In 1964, another municipality was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 115 signed by Diosdado Macapagal; President of the Philippines, barrios of Langatian, Denoman, Capase, Dohinob and Marupay was segregated from the municipality of Katipunan to become the municipality of Pres. Manuel A. Roxas, jurisdiction of the municipality of Katipunan.

                At present, Katipunan has 30 barangays within its juridical boundary. These were made possible by virtue of the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 68 and 68-A.


Municipal President and Mayors

First elected Fernando Eguia      1919 – 1922
Alfonso Lagorra      1923 – 1925
Roque Gurdiel        1925 – 1928
Francisco Miranda 1928 – 1930
Benito Vallecer   1930 – 1933
Jose Dalman 1934 – 1937
Nicolas Limbaga         1938 – 1946
Mariano Mendoza 1946 Appointed
Salvador Eguia 1946 – 1948
Dioscoro Lagorra 1949 – 1963
Jose Gayapa, Jr.         1964 – 1979
Rodolfo E. Kwan      1979 – 1986
Cesar E. Sagario 1 986 Appointed
Cesar E. Sagario       1987 – 1992
Renato T. Eguia        1992 – 1995
Rodolfo E. Kwan    1995 – 1998
Patchito T. Eguia  1998 at present