Location:                                                            Northwestern Side  
Income Classification:                                         4th class  
Land Area:                                                          25,510.00 has.  
Land Use:
                Agriculture  14,525.93 has
                Grassland 116.00 has
                Wetland 58.10 has
                Woodland  10,677.95 has
                Miscellaneous   132.02 has  
No. of Barangays:                                                30  
Population:                                                         37,918.0 (1995)  
Population Density:                                             1.5 person/  
Major Religion:  
                Roman Catholic                                       84.66%
                Protestant   13.60%
                Islam     0.11%
                Aglipay     1.16%
                Jehovah's Witnesses   0.41%
                Born Again    0.04%
                Phil. Benevolent Ass'n.           0.02%  
 Indigenous People/Tribal Community:               Subanen  
 Dialects Spoken:
              Cebuano  71.88%
              Subanen   27.15%
                 Others 0.17%
              Not Stated 0.26%
            Mountain Ranges:                                     Mount Dabiak
             Land Forms:                                             Level to mountainous
             Climate:                                                    Fairly Warm
             Mean Temperature:                                   30 degrees C

       Distance to Dipolog City:                           14 kms.



Major Products:    Rice, Corn, Copra, Fruits, Root Crops, Vegetables  

Major Source of Livelihood:   Farming, Construction Work, Fishing, Trading



Hospital:                                                                       None  
Barangay Health Centers:                                        5  
Educational Institutions:
                 College                                               1  
                 High Schools                                         7  
                  Elementary schools                               34  

  Social and Health Indicators:

                 Literacy rate     81.37%
                 Mortality rate     18.30%
                 Morbidity rate  12.90%  
                 Birth rate         2.24%
                 Crude birth rate    23.14%  
No. and percentage of malnourished children:
                 Mild          1,612 - 26.71%
                 Moderate    619 - 10.21%
                  Severe   30 - 00.50%
                 Overweight  168 - 02.78%


Mineral resources available in the area:     Chromite, Gold, Guano, Clay
Flora and Fauna: 
                                                Mahogany, Mango, Narra, Talisay,
                                                Philippine Weaver, Maya, Kilok-Kilok,
  Philippine Monkey  
Major rivers/bays/springs/watersheds/lakes:
                                                Dicayo River, Lubungan River  

National Park:                           Rizal Park,  Dr. Rizal Landmark  

Recreational Facility:  
                                                Gym, Basketball and Tennis Courts
4 Beach Resorts



Rural Bank of Katipunan, Inc.



Means of Transportation:  
                                            Bus, Jeepney, Tricycle, Motorized    Sikad-Sikad, 
                                            Habal-Habal, Pumpboat, Sailboat
Bus Companies operating:                                      None  

Road Network: (kms)  

  Concrete     Asphalt     Gravel     Earth  
Major bridges:                             Dicayo Bridge, Tamilokan Bridge  
Water Facilities Available:
                        Level 1      ___ units
                        Level 2      ___ units
                        Level 3       ___ units  
  Energization:   (Source: Zambo. Del Norte Electric Cooperative)
No. of Consumers:

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