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Dodong Escabarte, Loven, Raquel at the back Jingoy Zamora and Anita Ausa

His first death anniversary is a special day for recognizing the loss. There's  no doubt that thinking daily about the loss and the change in life. It brings back the sadness of the death itself with renewed force sustained by a year of the loss.



But the day can also be used as a special day of celebrating the life of Demet Bustalino.  Grieving stems not from the death itself but from the loss of  him. It is the loss of the laughter, the love, and connections past, present, and future which we mourn. 

Today the family of Demet Bustalino celebrated just that, at the residence of his surviving wife, Loven Hamoy Bustalino.

A mass was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Manny Duterte and Rev. Fr. Alan Lastimosa

Margarita Bustalino Vidal
Daughter Pinky did the first reading

Fr. Alan  with his Gospel reading and the homily

As his wife Loven and the faithful listen

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