Eulogy given by his niece Lanie Pacatang Radasa

It’s just one has to go sooner than us, it may inflict pain in our hearts for losing him, but let’s accept the fact that his life had come to an end with joy and praise for God had taken him to His eternal home. That the pain ended his soul will be rested.

He had lived a wonderful life, successful career and a fulfilled family man. Each one of us knew him how devoted he was in his endeavor. Many things can be said about him, I bet almost all are good memories.

Atty. Eduardito “Guy” Pacatang, uncle Ditoy, we call him, survived by his wife Dr. Vilma Yap and son Mark, were his main inspiration in life. Intrigued by his unconditioned love as a husband and father that he had provided then with comfort and care, no question about it.

He is the third of nine siblings, Josie Sar, Pianting, Purita, Romulo, Willy my father, Ramon, Florida and Felix. Raised in Sindangan by parents who were awarded for the hard work to sustain food, shelter, and studies for those mentioned sons and daughters.

On his early years he had been consistent in his academics, strived to finished college with law degree. Acclaimed practitioner that people know that when he works he prioritized public service above his personal gain as quoted in Mindanao Observer’s editorial. For which he was a part of the paper’s beginning as Editor. Part of his success to include his functions as a  Vice Governor in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, respected figure supported by his trustworthy, dependable personality. Mentored law students, good friend, a fearless public servant

Friday 2PM April 25 his life came to an end. 63 years of age.

He had served his life on earth, worthy for us to recall him as a humble man until death. Let’s preserve him in our hearts, keep our love and friendship to his family. Pray for his soul.

Uncle Ditoy, may you rest in peace. We will miss you


Eulogy for:   Eduardito “ Guy” Pacatang   ( 05/03/08 ) 
“Man, like the generous vine, supported lives;
The strength he gains is from the embrace he gives .”  

These are beautiful words written by an English poet Alexander Pope on his long poem, An Essay on Man. And these lines epitomize the LIFE of  EDUARDITO “GUY’ PACATANG who was born on August 6, 1944 to  Paciano Absin Pacatang and Anastacia Sarmiento  Pacatang . (On June 1981 his father received the Gintong Ama Award while his mother the Gintong Ina Award on May of 1985.) These awards are from the San Lorenzo Ruiz  Foundation which is a Catholic Foundation given to 10 outstanding and deserving families all over the Philippines on 10 different categories. His parents were recipients on the Home and Family Life category. Guy was the 3rd of the 7 boys and 2 girls in the family of  9. ( Purita Pacatang Bael and Florida Pacatang Day were the 2 girls. )     

Embrace means 2 things. First, the vine embraces the fruit that grows upon it , a metaphor for people gaining strength from giving practical help to others. And the vine holds tight to some support, a stake or a rockface or a tree.

Greg Trabanca

Indeed, Guy has gained strength by giving me a practical help on his strong determination to be a lawyer. In one of our nonchalant chats during our college days in the City of Flowers, Zamboanga City Guy said interspersed by puffs of his brand cigarette, Bay, basta di lang matumba, mapukan o mawala kanang escuelahan, maabogado gyud ko. ( Pal, as long as the College stands unhampered by the vicissitudes of time, I’ll definitely be a lawyer.) Guy has that extraordinary stamina to pursue his dream to be a lawyer. I always see him waiting for his ride to school with a cigarette on his fingers. His boarding house is just next to where I stayed.

Secondly, embrace means accepting support from others. Here the poet is talking about Man being strong by GIVING help and TAKING help at the same time; by Inspiring Faith in others and by having Faith in Others When our AMBITION is put in SERVICE of HELPING others, when our INSIGHT is put in service of the spark of precious humanity in every man and woman we meet, then we ALL GROW STRONGER from the EMBRACE WE GIVE, and our STRENGTH propels us upward.

We crossed paths again at Dipolog City, the city of Orchids. Over bottle of beer, and a pack of cigarette we talked about our yesterdays. Guy was still the nice, soft spoken, determined person I knew. And it was in those carefree, ambition-fraught moments, that I met his relative, Attorney Jess Gal Sarmiento. At this time, he was still on the go with his Law studies at Andres Bonifacio College and was working with his brother, Atty. Josie Sar Pacatang. In fact, he helped me on my legal requirements for immigrating to the United States.

With a love to study and great intent of self improvement, Guy took an advanced Air ROTC Officer Cadet training in Manila. He also studied at Silliman University in Dumaguete city. He finally graduated at Andres Bonifacio College and passed the bar.  .

Then Guy’s defining hour came  during the debate between Andres Bonifacio College and Xavier U (Ateneo de Cagayan de Oro) . Guy was one of the debaters together with  Isagani Amatong and  Rafael Cabanlit . The three hammered down the Ateneans on the debating arena. I wrote a short comment about that debate on the Mindanao Observer.

The Magic 3 of that winning team were all successful. Gani Amatong, educator and  governor, Pare Paeng Cabanlit, bank manager, secretary to former city mayor Roseller Barinaga, now an administrator of Gov. Rolando Yebes and  Guy , educator, writer and vice-governor.

Tempus fugit! Time flies. It was just yesterday when we crossed paths. And I didn’t realized that this would be our last. This was the time when Guy was the acting governor of Zamboanga del Norte. Governor Isagani Amatong went abroad on official mission. The motorcycle of Dr. Bernard led me to the Governor’s Office and eventually at the Golden Pot. There I met a humble man, “ being strong by giving help and taking help at the same time; by inspiring faith in others and by having faith in others.”  I met Guy. I was gazing at Success. I saw a politician, an educator, a writer and a friend.

“Memento mori!  Remember death. What we spend years building may be destroyed overnight. We build anyway.’’

Eduardito “Guy” Pacatang is gone but his footprints of memories lives in the byways and highways of our life. He is the “Guy” and he is a friend. May he rest in peace! And let perpetual light shine upon him. On behalf of the Pacatang family and relatives, thank you for this opportunity!

(Greg In. Trabanca delivered this eulogy at Lone Tree Manor Banquet Hall in Niles, Illinois, U.S.A. on May 3, 2008, Saturday at 11:30 A.M. where a Memorial Mass was held arranged by Purita Bael Pacatang together with Cita Bajamunde and officiated by Frs. Manny Duterte and Alan Lastimosa. Relatives and friends attended the ceremony. )


Ludy Morgia and Ana Aguilar

Vida dela Cruz, Clarissa Frias and Eve Trabanca

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