Currency Exchange (December 2003) $1.00 =Php55.40


Ang Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro
Contact Person:
Address: Bonifacio St., Dipolog City
Telephone: (065)212-7335
Seating Capacity:
Description and Specialties: : Roasted Chicken
Price range:
: Php 65.00 to Php 130.00


Roadside Cafe & Restaurant
Contact Person: Mr. Rene Ramos
Address: Gen. Luna St., Dipolog City
Telephone: +(63) (65) 212-2436
Fully Air-condition
Seating Capacity:
50 seats
Description and Specialties:
Filipino Cuisine
Price range:
: Php 50.00 to Php 150.00

Seafood Park and Restaurant
Contact Person:  Ms. Rita Leve
Address: Tabuk-tulay, Dicayas, Dipolog City
Description: Open-air
Seating Capacity:  200 seats
Specialty:  Seafoods and Native Delicacies
Telephone: +(63) (65) 212 3641
Price Range:
: Php 65.00 to Php 150.00

Sunburst Fried Chicken
Contact Person: Mr. Oliver George Almonte
Gen. Luna St., Dipolog City
Telephone: +(63) (65)212-3009/3010
Air-conditioned Rooms
Seating Capacity:
70 seats
Description and Specialties:
Fried Chicken
Price range:
: Php 54.50 to Php 120.50

Seven Treasure's Coffee Shop
Contact Person: Irene Lacaya
Top Plaza Hotel, Dipolog City
Telephone: +(63) (65) 212-5777
Accommodation: All rooms air conditioned
Seating Capacity: 300
Description and Specialties:
Serves Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Western and
     European Dishes

Price range:
: Php 120.00 to Php 350.00
Accept party and reservation


Shell Park/ Remedios Restaurant
Contact Person: Mr. Meynardo Lopez
Address: Rizal Avenue, Dipolog City
Description: Fully air-conditioned w/ live music; VIP rooms with computerized
       Videoke; Ballroom dancing at 11:00 PM
Seating Capacity: 150 seats
Specialties: American, Chinese Cuisine & Native Delicacies
Telephone: +(63) (65)212-2226
Price Range:
: Php 75.00 to Php 250.00

Top Diner
Proprietor:  Isaias Uy & Sons Corporation
Contact Person: Ma. Theresa Lugo
Address: Corner Echavez St. & Quezon Avenue, Dipolog City
Tel. No.: +(63) (65) 212 2812 / 212 5437
Accommodation: Fully Air-conditioned
Seating Capacity: 108 seats
Specialty: Top Chicken, Burgers and other Filipino Short Orders
Price range:
: Php 36.00 to Php 74.00

Tsibugan  sa Dipolog 
Contact Person: : Mrs. Janet Liong Uy
Rizal Avenue, Dipolog City
Tel. No.:
 +(63) (65) 212 2386
80 seats
Seating Capacity:
Lechon Manok & Ihaw-Ihaw Treats, Filipino Dishes and other Dipolognon Delicacies
Price Range:
: Php 35.00 to Php 100.00

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