July 26, 2007


Citizens air concern over Uy-Yebes dispute 

The Dipolognons and Zanorteans have recently felt the squabble between Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy and Gov. Rolando Yebes has gone a long way already that it eclipsed some important programs of the government, the peace and order for one. The observation came when a 62-year-old Evangelista Maligro of Mibang, Sta. Filomena was robbed of his P100,000 after withdrawing it from Metrobank last Friday, July 13. Police reports disclosed that three motorcycle-riding suspects stopped Maligro and poked a gun into his neck causing him to surrender the plastic bag containing the money.

Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy blamed the Provincial Capitol for not granting them gratuitous permit which had been reapplied for so long already.

Three weeks ago, a lady employee of Bombay Bazaar also fell prey to three motorcycle-riding holduppers while withdrawing money from Metrobank. The lady was just walking back to the bazaar as it was just a walking distance from the bank.  However, her bag containing the money was snatched by the suspect whom witnesses initially believed as the lady’s acquaintance only, since it seemed to be a ‘friendly encounter.’ Many believed that with the exit of Senior Inspector Romeo Macapaz, the city government could have adopted other measures to improve peace and order in the city.

“But both leaders forgot other concerns; instead, they were so engrossed with their own quarrel,” a resident who refused to be named observed. Others who were worried over the widening gap between the city mayor and the provincial governor commented they forgot that education is one sector that they could have focused on these days especially classes have just begun. “Tingali nalimtan nila nga kulang ang mga classrooms, daghang mga bata malnourish,” observed a parent.

As mandamus suit was filed by the city government with prayer for Temporary Restraining Order and Writ of Preliminary Injunction, the Provincial Capitol in turn slapped Dipolog with theft of Minerals and Abuse of Authority cases.

The Dipolog City government recently cried foul when the Provincial Environment and Development Office seized two dump trucks loaded with sand and gravel.  PEDO found the minerals illegally extracted since the city does not hold any permit. On the other hand, Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy blamed the Provincial Capitol for not granting them gratuitous permit which had been reapplied for so long already. Many believed that if this squabble could go on, more holdups, more crimes will be staged and more problems will remain unaddressed as both continue to hold on totheir pride. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)

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 Judge Mah suspends mandamus case hearing

While waiting for Gov. Rolando Yebes’ action upon the Sangguniang Panlungsod’s Resolution No. 07-10, Judge Porferio Mah recently suspended hearing the mandamus cased filed by Dipolog against Zamboanga del Norte. The resolution appealed to the governor the permission to quarry sand and gravel from Layawan River at Sangkol or from any other source for its different infrastructure projects. Provincial Attorney Jess Gal Sarmiento, Jr. presented the said resolution at the same time assured Dipolog that the provincial governor would possibly grant the appeal if said resolution reach his office. Atty. Sarmiento disclosed that Gov. Yebes is presently visiting Koronadal City.

Governor Yebes has yet to come up with his decision regarding the renewal of the sand and gravel permit of Dipolog since he is still in Koronadal City of the province of South Cotabato attending the Confederation of Provincial Governors, City and Municipal Mayors League of Mindanao.

Although Dipolog City lawyer Kenneth Rosal moved for hearing the case while waiting for the governor’s action, Judge Mah ruled that the hearing would be suspended until July 20. He reasoned that the court wanted the case to be resolved in order to protect the interest of the people. In an interview with the Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondents (ZNUC), Atty. Sarmiento revealed the softer stand of the province on the new resolution sent by the Dipolog SP, as compared to the previous resolution which granted the city mayor the authority to sue the province.

The new resolution, he pointed out, was also an affirmation of the city that the old quarry site is no longer environmentally healthy so there is a need to look for a newer source of sand and gravel. He concluded the interview saying that he believed the provincial governor would possibly grant the appeal asked by Dipolog as outlined in Resolution No. 07-10 passed by the Sangguniang Panlungsod recently. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


Prov’l lib DISTRIBUTES 20 volumes of books to libraries in ZaNorte

The Provincial Library of Zamboanga del Norte through the able leadership of Gov. Rolando Yebes distributed 20 volumes of books to libraries in various municipalities and barangays in the province during the “General Assembly & Workshop on Library Technical Services of ZaNorte Municipal & barangay Librarians and Library-in-charge,” on July 16-20 at the provincial library’s Audio Visual room. Evelyn R. Nunag, Provincial librarian said they received assorted volumes of books donated by the Zamboanga del Norte Association of Illinois (ZAMNAI). Nunag said the books received will be catalogued and classified by the participants during the workshop.

The provincial librarian invited about 40 library personnels to attend the said workshop. She said that the five-day training aims to serve as a form to discuss the problems encountered by municipal & barangay libraries of ZaNorte. “We hope to refresh and update their knowledge and develop their skills through practice and exercises in the workshop”, Nunag added. Rosemarie Mohametano, library-in-charge of Polanco Municipal Library said they are glad to take part in the workshop as they can learn and improve in giving efficient and effective service to the reading public in their area.

Mohametano is also grateful for the additional books donated by ZAMNAI through the Provincial Library. The workshop also imparted a lecture on library techical service by Merely M. Timonan. Part of the seminar will be a computer hands-on training on library solution program and copy cataloguing using the Library of Congress Website (www.loc.gov.). At present there are at least 42 existing city/municipal and barangay libraries created in ZaNorte through R.A. 7743. (Dian MV Tanzo, Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.25)

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 ZANECO treats low voltage problem

Engr. Efren Buñao, manager of the Construction, Operation and Maintenance Division of the Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative recently disclosed that the cooperative has already adopted measures to solve the low voltage problem especially during peak hours. He also disclosed that his division started to rehabilitate the backbone lines so that they could meet the growing demands of the present consumers, especially the consumers of Dipolog City.

The Construction, Operation and Maintainance Division of ZANECO is now in full swing as they try resolve the low voltage problems being experienced by its consumers especially during the peak hours.

Included in its rehabilitation program is the installation of the 20 MVA Transformers at the substation it planned to establish for Dipolog. The Polanco substation which is currently supplying the electric demand of Dipolog City has only a 10MVA transformer which the division manager believed could no longer give the city a good supply. Buñao pointed out that another reason for voltage problem is that the 69 KV line of the National Transmission Corporation constantly dips to 66 kilovolts and in some instances lower and this explains the low voltage experienced by the consumers.

At present, he added, his division has constantly monitored the surge of electricity and found that the consumers have experienced only the 205 plunge from the normal 220. Another reason for such plunge, Buñao said, is the mushrooming internet cafes, the use of more electric appliances as more residential consumers are also growing. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


Mayor Uy: Wage war vs. dengue

Claiming that the City government should be a step ahead of any epidemic, Mayor Evelyn Uy gathered all school officials recently in order to plan measures to combat dengue. Although dengue cases did not yet hit at an epidemic level but the First Lady wanted to clothe the schoolchildren with protective measures especially that they are the more vulnerable persons.

Some measures agreed upon were fogging activities in schools a dengue-awareness campaign like info drive during flag ceremony and radio info campaign.

Mayor Uy also suggested that the children wear long pants and stressed upon the so-called 4 o’clock habit in order to prevent dengue outbreak. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


Dipolognons wonder over Macapaz’s exit


Neither Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Mario Yanga, nor the City Hall could comment on the exit of Dipolog’s Police Chief Inspector Juan Romeo Macapaz. Although some policemen believed he was just on “schooling”, others claimed that his “going away” was for good.

Some rumors surfaced that the police chief had established enmity with Gov. Lando Yebes and the Jalosjoses when the former cultivated a growing friendship with political opponent in the 3rd district, Retired General Prospero Noble, Jr.

Noble ran opposite Cong. Cesar Jalosjos but lost. Others also saw that Macapaz could not possibly please both Mayor Uy and Gov. Lando Yebes at the same time. “It’s better to pack up and leave,” one commented,”…and he could sleep his night away.” (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


BIR warns fly-by-night taxpayers

The Bureau of Internal Revenue recently issued a warning to all taxpayers who did not really have legitimate business but registered themselves with the bureau. Revenue District Officer Cres Agad disclosed that his office issued new guidelines, which would ultimately put an end to the modus of the so-called fly-by-night taxpayers. He identified the culprits as posing as taxpayers and registering themselves with the BIR so that they could get Authority to Print their sales invoices and official receipts.

However, Agad disclosed, these people would just sell them to other businessmen who needed blank invoices and receipts for their anomalous transactions. Under the new policy issued by the bureau, all applicants for registration shall be subjected to ocular inspection which is part of their tax mapping operation. Once the applicant complies the requirements imposed by the bureau, Agad clarified, these applicants shall be given their Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN).

Moreover, the applicants shall submit to the office a machine copy of their latest annual income tax return and a photocopy of their value added tax returns. The Revenue officer also warned persons who wished to use the invoices and receipts of these fly-by-night taxpayers. He pointed out that such users could be as well penalized under the law and could suffer the same fate as the fake registrants. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


Revision of land zonal valuation set

The Assets Valuation Division of the Bureau of Internal Revenue Manila recently directed BIR District 91 of Dipolog City to revise and update the schedule of zonal values of Real Properties of Zamboanga del Norte. It was disclosed that the current zonal valuation of the real properties in Dipolog City was still implemented in 1996 yet and it has never undergone any revision. Rudy Suello, Administrative Officer of BIR Dipolog disclosed that Commissioner Lilian Hefti has recently launched the campaign in order to generate more funds.

The recent memorandum circular received by RDO Cres Agad directed BIR Dipolog to meet with the Sub-Technical Committee on Real Property Valuation in order to prepare the revised schedule on zonal values which would include the newly created barangays streets, subdivisions, condominiums and townhouses if there are any. Suello also disclosed that BIR Dipolog was given 20 days only to submit the composition of the Sub-Technical committee.

On the other hand, RDO Cres Agad said that if the membership of the sub-technical committee would be completed and the revised schedule on zonal values prepared, his office would call for a public hearing of all areas of the province, Dipolog and Dapitan included. He believed that if revision of the schedule would be completed this year, the said changes would probably take effect next year. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


ZANECO: to tax or to exempt?

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan were recently seen divided on the issue whether the Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative (ZANECO) be taxed of its real property or be exempted from payment. Although the report of Board Member Fernando Cabigon Jr., of the Committee on Ways and Means moved for the cooperative’s tax exemption, other members presented the benefits if ZANECO would be taxed.

BM Ricky Mejorada argued that the exemption could only benefit 67,000 consumers but if ZANECO pays its real property taxes worth P24M, it could benefit 700,000 people of Zamboanga del Norte. The taxes, BM Mejorada explained, could construct 25 school buildings or 50 daycare centers, purchase farm tractors, construct irrigation canals, salary for employees of the new hospitals, etc.

On the other hand, BM Baguio pointed out the burden that the electric consumers would bear if ZANECO would be really asked to pay. He explained that the cooperative opted to be under the National Electrification Administration since if it registered with the Cooperative Development Authority, it could no longer enjoy subsidy from the government since it would become a private enterprise. Others who attended the session included ZANECO General Manager Adelmo Laput, Provincial Treasurer Orlando Patangan, Provincial Assessor Al Hamoy, Dapitan Treasurer Madelyn Pacatang and Atty. Richelle Alistado of the Provincial Attorney’s Office.

Both Patangan and Hamoy believed that ZANECO should be taxed in order to generate more funds, stressing that the law really campaigned for tax collection. On the other hand, Dapitan City Treasurer Pacatang pushed for the cooperative’s taxation in order to implement the needed projects and services to the people. Other members moved for a more thorough study of the report which was sent back to the Committee on Laws, Rules, Resolutions, and Style and Committee on Ways and Means. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


By Ike Señeres

It’s surely just a coincidence, but the triple whammy of water supplies drying up, hog cholera and rising corn prices worldwide could trigger serious shortages that could threaten our national food security. What is worst, the water shortage could further cause shortages and price increases of power supplies, yet another factor that could affect food production.


To be precise, hog cholera would only affect food supplies if too many animals would die from the scourge, a problem that is not happening yet. As of now, it appears that the hogs are only getting sick and losing weight, but authorities say that there is nothing to fear because the health risk is removed as soon as the pork is cooked. Of course the weight loss would already affect the supply of live weight, but the bigger problem could be the reduction of live animal production, as some growers would probably reduce their stocks in the meantime.


In an interview over radio station DZMM, Nueva Ecija hog farmer Mrs. Nenita Villa said that she has successfully cured hog cholera and swine flu among her stocks, using a powder form feed mix that she got from a Filipino inventor, Engineer Walther Alvarez. In my own interview with Alvarez, he said that his invention (branded in the market as Atovi) strengthens the immune systems of the animals, the probable reason why they are able to recover from cholera and flu.


In fairness to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), I would say that they did right in assuring the public that the health risk could be remedied by cooking, but in the public interest, they should right away look for a definite solution to the problem, in order to remove public fears that could possibly cripple the hog growing industry. As part of due diligence, they should immediately look into the claims of Mrs. Villa and Engineer Alvarez, since these two could possibly hold the key to the solution of the problem.


In news reports that largely went unnoticed last week, the prices of beef and milk already went up in the United States, a problem that was directly attributed to the rising prices of corn, as a result of increased demand for the production of ethanol. A few months earlier, Cuban President Fidel Castro warned about the danger of food supplies decreasing, as more lands are diverted to the production of bio fuels to feed the hunger for energy, rather than feed the hunger of people. True to form, Castro was alluding to the reality that the production of bio fuels would tend to favor the interests of big business, instead of the interests of “small people”.


The rising prices of corn should really be good news for the Philippines, if only we could produce enough of it for local consumption, and for export as well. Unfortunately however, we are still importing most of our corn supplies now, a grand irony in a country that is supposed to be mainly agricultural. As of now, about 70% of our feed ingredients are imported, which includes soybeans and fish meal aside from corn.


It could be said that even without the triple whammy, it could be said that we have problems with our food security now, since we are importing a lot of rice plus all of our flour, both staples in effect eating our dollar reserves. Hopefully, we would be able to deal with the impending shortages in the short term, but this trio of problems should be a wake up call for us to solve our long running shortages in the long term.


Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Arthur Yap is said to be building a “cold chain” that stretches from Southern Mindanao to Northern Luzon, for the purpose of supporting the cold storage and distribution needs of crop farmers and animal growers. This is a good move, but some sectors are reportedly complaining that the infrastructure could possibly favor the interests of those who are going to export to China from our northern ports. I see nothing wrong with this intention, because it would mean creating more jobs and earning more dollar revenues.


The concern of some sectors that the export of crops to China might cause shortages in the local markets might be valid, but on the other hand, the increased production could also cause surpluses that could also end up in the local supply chain. Rather than look at the negative side right away, it may be better to give this opportunity a chance to prove itself, after all, what could be wrong with producing products that have ready markets?


Join SamaKabuhayan, a member of the Inter-Charity Network. We assist people in looking for jobs, starting a small business, in financing and in marketing. Email ike@kaiking.net or text us at 09196466323.Unit 324, Guadalupe Commercial Complex, Guadalupe Nuevo, EDSA, Makati. (BIZ-090, “BIZBUZZ” Tuesday, 31 July 2007)


Mandamus case gisuspenso sa husgado!
Dipolog makig-areglo apan abugado gusto jud ipadayon

Samtang ang dakbayan sa Dipolog mipakita na sa ilang paglurang sa kasong Mandamus nga ilang gipasaka batok sa probinsya atubangan sa pinaka-ulahing resolusyon sa Sangguniang Panlungsod nga mi-apelar kang Governor Lando Yebes nga mo-isyu ug permit alang sa

Atty. Kenneth Rosal ang abogado sa Dipolog mipadayag sa iyang pag-uyon nga ma-areglo ang maong kaso pinaagi sa paglugway sa gobernador sa hangyo sa Sanguniang Panlungsod apan iyang gi-insister nga samtang wala pay tubag si Governor Yebes ipadayon una nila ang paghusay sa kaso.

paghakot sa balas ug graba, ang abogado niini milungpat kay gusto gyud nga ipadayon ang paghusay apan gidesidehan sa hukmanan nga isuspenso una ang proceedings. Si Presiding Judge Porferio Mah mimando nga ihunong ang pagpadayon sa pagpaminaw sa kasong

Home internet connections in Dipolog
By: James Allan Butler

The business began with Smart Wi-Fi about five years ago. Advertised as an uninterrupted up to 128 Kbps signal, many customers subscribed. Most of the customers (100% of the many I know) were ‘upset’ to put it mildly at the reality. Entire Wi-Fi system shutdowns for multi days at a time and lack of bandwidth when it did operate (see below) made a miserable situation. “We have no unhappy customers and we won’t improve anything.” Was Smart company management’s statement at a department of trade and industry hearing? This was the reality years ago. Today’s internet situation is improved.

Mos-com sells broad-band from Globe company. Most of the time their signal is at the high end of the range stated in the chart. Service interruptions were rare until recently. Recent interruptions occur due to Mos-com Dipolog failing to monitor the signal and lack of battery back-up to keep the equipment functioning. Locking in the equipment into a building that is closed weekends and holidays sometimes leaves service off for the duration. Middle management keeps promising improvements. At 2,500, per month for home service, they are top priced but they are a better deal than PLDT commercial service.

*PLDT broadband, like Moz-com is limited only to a small area determinated by limited range of their wires.

*I have run the test at two of SmartBro’s customers; SmartBro 380 is in fact 70 only!

*Mos-com (or MozCom) sells broad-band from Globe company… Locking their equipment into a building (Friendly Mart) that is closed weekends and holidays…

PLDT broadband, like Mos-com is limited only to a small area determinated by limited range of their wires. New connections are often rejected (I have tried and been rejected for two years, so far.) Never the less, PLDT claims to have 985 customers. Wire range extension and new connections remains in their never ending promised land of “maybe another six months.” PLDT’s commercial service (4,000. per month) is usually 325 kbps but nearly constantly fluctuates between 250 and 780. The only shutdowns are minor morning interruptions between 7AM and 8AM lasting minutes only. Smart Co., having damaged their reputation and Wi-Fi name, now calls the same old service “Bro 380 or DSL.” Smart Co. management, when recently asked to run an internet speed test and report, agreed to do so. The results they never did admit to. I have run the test at two of their customers for this report to you. Bro 380 is in fact 70 only! Business as unusual remains usual with Smart Co. They have improved; all the way up to just good enough remain in business with.

Tomorrows Forecasts:

PLDT, as usual, promises expansion. Usually their office is unmanned making business difficult.

Mos-com, for over half a year says almost bragging that they will quit distributing Globe DSL. Their guess is that Globe will then compete with a wire and Wi-Fi service from their own new Dipolog Office. What is Globes alternative? Globe fails to respond to my E-mail inquiries and Globe DSL distribution is rejected by Orient Cable TV and two local computer stores. Company-PLDT; Download Bandwidth -250-760; upload Bandwidth - 15 to 40; Advertised- 780; Name-DSL, commercial; Price- P4,000.00. Company-PLDT; Download Bandwidth - (Seldom available); upload Bandwidth - (Seldom available); Advertised- DSL; Name-Home; Price- P1,000.00. Company-Globe/Mos-Com; Download Bandwidth -250 to 450; upload Bandwidth h- 45 to 80; Advertised- DSL; Name-Home; Price- P2,500.00. Company-Smart (2004); Download Bandwidth - 6 to 50; upload Bandwidth h-; Advertised- 128/256; Name-Wi-Fi; Price- P 999.00. Company-Smart (2007); Download Bandwidth - 50; upload Bandwidth - 20; Advertised- 380; Name-Bro; Price- P 998.00. Company-Dial-up; Download Bandwidth- 25 to 56; upload Bandwidth- ; Advertised- 56; Name-dial-up; Price- hourly. (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.3)


Credits: The New Nandau is a member of the Publishers Association of the Philippines (PAPI). Editorial office is located at 076 Quezon Avenue, Dipolog City with Tel. No. (065) 212-3794; Cell No. +639205201041




Machiavellian Theory

By Tyrone Jay V. Samson

No lights, no basketball!

The first-ever Sta. Filomena Sangguniang Kabataan – Mega Bulls Basketball Association Invitational Basketball Tournament opened last Friday, July 20 at the Sta. Filomena basketball court with a game pitting the MBA Team against the DMC Barako Team. The MBA team won that game. However, the event, which was made by the Sangguniang Kabataan of Barangay Sta. Filomena, headed by SK Chairman Kryza Mae G. Bastasa, in coordination with MBA officer-in-charge yours truly, started off in the wrong foot. There were two games scheduled for the opening. However, only one game was tipped-off.

The problem was it was only during game time that the organizing body realized that the basketball court did not have lights since the Zaneco linemen did not arrive that day. SK Chair Bastasa explained to me that the money was given to a certain barangay councilor two days prior to the opening for he promised to “help” Kryza and carry the burden of responsibility for making sure the lights are available during game time. According to the said barangay councilman, he went to Zaneco two days before and that he was expecting to have the linemen by Friday afternoon to have the lights ready by night time. But, the linemen did not appear on-time; they arrived close to 9 in the evening. Therefore, the organizing body decided to re-schedule the second game with the Dipolog Supermart against Team Capitol to Saturday and play only the first game.

I don’t think finger pointing after such debacle is a good thing. Such act will do no good. Let’s just do what we are supposed to do. For us in the Mega Bulls, it was our responsibility to handle the paperwork including the ground rules and tournament expenses for the barangay council to approve. We were also expected to invite five more teams to play in the tournament. I am proud to say that we were not amiss with our duties. We were able to come up with the groundrules, and we had five teams committed to play. One team, the Early Bird Basketball Association, even requested to be included in the tournament but they were too late for there were already six teams when they approached me. I don’t know about the SK chairwoman and that barangay councilor, but I have to wash my hands on that setback. I hope that we learned our lesson and that we should do the things we’re supposed to.

“Kung ikaw, maoy tagaan ug kwarta para pasiga sa suga, balibad kung dili kaya kay naa man pud lain mutrabaho. Ayaw pasalig kung dili nimu mabuhat.” A total of six teams are competing. These are the Dipolog Medical Center Barako team, Reytons Team, Dipolog Supermart, the Mega Bulls team, and two teams composed of Sta. Filomena residents. The champion will bring home a trophy and P5,000 cash prize. The runner up will have P3,000 and the third P2,000.

— oo000oo —

They call it “the largest, fastest growing broadband service provider in the country.” It is powered by one of the two leading telecommunications company in the country. And it is offered for only P999 per month, you get internet at broadband speed at that. The company, in their official website, made proclamations such as, they offer “faster downloading of music, better communication with loved ones, and a more fulfilling internet experience.” Now, who would not get a Smartbro subscription with that kind of advertisement? Sadly, I don’t think Dipolog City Smartbro connection is part of this offer.

The company, in their official website, made proclamations such as…“faster downloading of music, better communication with loved ones, and a more fulfilling internet experience.”… Sadly, I don’t think Dipolog City SmartBro connection is part of this offer. I hope that the good people in Smart can fix this for I am not alone who suffer with the same kind of problem, I have friends who also find it hard to access the internet using SmartBro.

A month ago, I decided to stop my trips to the nearest internet café, deciding that I better get a subscription. My computer deserves some attention for I hardly use it for three years already. I only get in front of the keyboard when I get bored playing with my Playstation2 and decide to play PC games, which I find hard to enjoy what with the complicated controls using the keyboard compared to that of a joystick used by console games. I don’t even write my columns with my computer for I prefer writing with an internet connection in hand for me to have access to information that easily. Fast forward, the first two weeks of my connection was smooth sailing. It was everything it was advertised. Real fast downloads, fast internet connection and all. Then, the good connection somehow stopped. Some friends of mine experienced the same predicament. They can’t seem to have access to the internet most of the time. In fact, it has become a habit of mine to surf the net during the wee hours of dawn for I found out recently that the connection gets better during that time.

When I try to access my favorite websites, this message appears on-screen “the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.” I thought, the problem would be just for two or three days, maybe they have a problem with their maintenance or something, but the connection as it was during the first two weeks did not came back. I approached a friend of mine who knows a lot about computers, asking maybe the problem is with my computer, but after checking it out, he found no reason for such problem caused by my computer. I believe the problem is with the internet provider. I can’t hint on what the problem is because I am no expert on this but surely, they have engineers and computer technicians who are tasked to handle these kinds of problems. The problem is now more than two weeks old, and I plan to go to the Smart office within this week to report this problem. I hope that the good people in Smart can fix this for I am not alone who suffer with the same kind of problem, I have friends who also find it hard to access the internet using Smartbro. We are hoping to get our money’s worth. We are hoping to experience the service you advertised.

— oo000oo —

Back to basketball, the Mega Bulls Basketball Association First Conference Championship will be played this Sunday, July 22 between the Derek’s Place/Game Haven Team and the Giji. Battling for third place are the Dipolog Top Construction and the Rivson Team.  After 10 games, the First Conference scoring title was a close one with DTC’s Dondon Bejer edging Derek’s shooting guard Jonee Repollo. Bejer finished the conference with a league-leading 17.5 points per game average compared to Repollo’s 17.4. Rounding out the top five in scoring are DTC’s Kirby Uy (16.5), Rivson’s Jan Jan Calibo (16.5) and Rivson’s Dave Patigayon (15.8). I have to give thanks to MBA founder, Engineer Luis Calibo for committing to give the championship trophy. Also committing are Dodong Dumanon for the second place trophy and MBA President Sean Acaylar for the third place. I also give thanks to MBA member Froilan Castillo for committing to give the plaque for the Best Defensive Player of the Conference. Also to be handed out after the championship is the Most Valuable Player award to Dondon Bejer. Bejer was voted by majority of MBA players who were present during the practice last Thursday, July 19. The Best Defensive Player of the Conference award will go to DTC’s Steve Casimiro. Moreover, Bejer will head the Mythical Five along with Repollo, Patigayon, Giji’s Remie Salamiro, and Rivson’s Bokio Calibo. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


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 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido

For many of us, our backgrounds may have included many facts about JESUS CHRIST, without helping us reach him as a living present person. To know JESUS CHRIST, personally involves two things. The first thing is a commitment, a time when we make a conscious decision. Yes, I do want to belong to you, LORD JESUS CHRIST. That commitment is a continual, lifetime involvement of one’s self with the living lord. By definition, a relationship is a continual, involving our entire person, quite different from assent to facts but having no contact with JESUS CHRIST personally. Perhaps we’ve never made that big commitment never personally invited him into our lives to be our living lord and savior. If not, then that’s the beginning.

The second thing is love and obedience to our living lord and savior. It is unthinkable to consider a relationship with the lord JESUS is less than one hundred percent. He is the spectacular lord from heaven; he is the lord of all the earth. When we let this fact get fully into the marrow of our bones, willing obedience to him is an incredible privilege. Some of our lord’s most solemn words are recorded in Matthew 7:21, what he warns his disciple, he says, not all people who sounds religious are really godly. They may refer to me as lord, but they still won’t enter the kingdom of heaven. The decisive issue is whether they obey my father in heaven. In this statement, Jesus, talks about our relationship to him as entering the kingdom. In other places it is called the new birth. To enter this relationship is not a matter of using correct vocabulary or going through the empty motions. It involves a clear resolve to do his will. As basic as that resolve is, he does not accept us and love us because of our obedience to him. But obedience is the evidence of a true commitment to him as our lord. The apostle John adds a helpful thought. In 1 John 2:3-4 says, and how can we be sure that we belong to him? By obeying his commandments. Verse 4, if someone says, I belong to GOD, but does not obey God’s commandments, that person is a liar and does not live in the truth. You can receive CHRIST right now by faith through prayer; Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying in the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive you as my savior and Lord. Thank you for giving my sins and giving me eternal life. The control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person. You want me to be. In Jesus name. Amen.

N.B.: If you want me to conduct a bible study series in your home or office, please text me 09173823169. I’ll be glad to accept your invitation! (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)


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Dear Webmaster:

I would like to congratulate you for a job well done.  The Dipolognon site is very professional, friendly user and very informative.  However I have to make a suggestion/comment with regards to the information given about the University of Sto. Tomas as the oldest school in the Philippines and in Asia is not quite accurate.  Sto. Tomas was founded in 1611 by the Dominicans while University of San Carlos in Cebu City was founded by the Jesuits headed by Father Chirino, SJ in 1595.  Therefore USC in Cebu is 16 years ahead of Sto. Tomas making USC as the oldest Catholic institution in the Philippines and in Asia.  People should know the truth and USC deserved the right to claim this honor.

In 1995 USC celebrated their  400 hundred years of service as an educational institution of higher learning.  Sto. Tomas will be celebrating their 400 centenary as educational institution in 2016. 

In the recent pool of the best Schools in the country the University of the Philippines came out No. 1, followed by De La Salle, Ateneo de Manila and  Sto. Tomas came out last.  Thank you for taking your time. God bless.

Ron Howard
Chicago, USA



  Filipino-Canadians in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, are extremely  and patiently waiting for the  Beaches Jazz  International and Filipinos Making Waves Festivals which will be held in two

different venues and different dates. The Jazz Festival will be set on July 26 to July 28  along  Queen Street East at the Beach while the Filipino Making Waves Festival will be scheduled on August 17 to August 19 at the Harbourfront Centre along Queens Quay West. (JOJO TADURAN)



Filam Lobbyist Grabs Credit for Veterans Campaign in Congress

CHICAGO -- An Arlington, Virginia lobbyist denounced earlier for bilking Filipino veterans has quickly grabbed credit for the initial successes in Congress in the now-widespread campaign to gain full equity benefits for the veterans and their spouses.

The Philippine News, the San Francisco-based broadsheet long identified as a mouthpiece of certain interest groups, said in a story headlined "Veteran's son shepherds bill to legislation" that Eric Lachica "has done almost anything x x x  to get attention for the Filipino veterans . . . "

The story in the latest issue of the weekly newspaper has reportedly sparked protests in Washington, DC and in Southern California where a huge number of veterans reside.

Col. Romy Monteyro, adviser to the Filipino World War II Veterans of San Diego County, said "it is unfair" to say that Lachica was solely responsible for bringing the attention of the veterans issues to Congress.

"More than grossly unfair is his shameless claim that the current gains of the equity movement, more specifically the twin victories in the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committee, should be credited to his supposedly 'relentless lobbying'!," he says.

Monteyro enjoys the full trust and confidence of Congressman Bob Filner, chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, who refers to him as his "dancing partner" in the ongoing campaign.

It was Filner who denounced Lachica for his activities that Filner said amounted to a scam by collecting monies from veterans and from the 4,000 members of his American Coalition for Filipino Veterans and not accounting for them.

The Philippine News confirmed the allegation, saying in its story that "a community leader told PN that Lachica indeed collects money from veterans, but has yet to provide a transparent accounting of how the money was being spent".

This reporter has emailed Lachica a set of new questions but as of this writing, he has not responded. One of the questions was about the amount of money he collects.

"We are not, however, bound by law to open our books to just about anybody, especially our critics, or to provide accounting of our funds," Lachica was quoted by PN as saying. "Only ACFV members are welcome to review and examine our financial records," he reportedly stated.

Why the PN published a story that hugely glorifies Lachica at a time when his integrity was being assailed, and that which consequently demeans the official advocates from the Philippines and the United States Congress was unclear.

Knowledgeable sources, however, claimed that both the sources and the writers of the story are not exactly beyond reproach. PN editors could not be immediately reached for comment.

Through the years, Philippine News has a historic reputation of being a notorious propaganda machine of its founder, Alex Esclamado, to advance his personal cause. The paper also became a mouthpiece of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) that Esclamado also founded.

In the meantime, Monteyro explained that real credit goes back to the people who had worked hard long before Lachica's ACFV got involved. Among them were Col. Emmanuel de Ocampo, Col. Simeon Medalla, Brig. Gen. Marcos Agustin, Col. Ernesto Golez, Col. Francisco Quesada and Col. Edwin Ramsey.

In addition, advocacy groups also contributed to the effort, namely: the Filipino WWII Veterans of San Diego founded by the late Commander Resty Supnet and now led by Commander Manuel Braga; the National Network for Veterans Equity led by San Francisco-based lawyer Lourdes Tancinco; the Veterans Equity Center chaired by Luisa Antonio and the recently-formed National Alliance for Veterans Equity.

"All the previous Philippine ambassadors to the US, from the legendary Carlos P. Romulo to the present have also been involved, plus past and present chiefs of the Office of Veterans Affairs in DC, prominent among which is retired Brigadier General Tagumpay Nanadiego, a Battle of Bataan and Death March survivor,” Monteyro said.

Monteyro is publicly acknowledged as Filner's "dancing partner" has enraged a number of "johnnies-come-lately" in the campaign. In its press release, for example, the NAFVE had omitted any mention of Monteyro.

"To claim that he (Lachica) has kept the campaign for full equity alive is another lie," says Monteyro, and forthwith names sponsors in both chambers of Congress like Senators Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye and Congressmen Bob Filner, Darrel Issa, Randy Cunningham and Mike Honda, among others. (This Breaking News may be posted online, broadcast or reprinted, but not edited, on condition that the author and the paper be credited. By Romeo P. Marquez, Editor, Philippine Village Voice). 28 July 2007. Source: Filamimage@aol.com)


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Political vendetta, maybe

Provincial Governor Lando Yebes has successfully launchsed the byword “una sa tanan ang katawhan” during his first term. This could be the main reason, among other reasons why the two city dump trucks were seized, and why the gratuitous permit to quarry refused. The governor also pictured the sad state of the river which has been the usual source of sand and gravel all these years and of course he declared must be given time to “heal” itself.

The residents in the area allegedly raised an alarm over the destruction and he could only act urgently as the “katawhan” are seen to writhe in pain, just like the river. Bravo, Governor. But as the Provincial Capitol continued to defend their actions as regards its refusal to issue the gratuitous permit the City Hall was praying for, and the release of the two dump trucks it was nagging about, the more the people were led to believe that the capitol’s action was indeed a political harassment in the guise of environmental concern. His intentions were good and noble, no person could question them.

However, as the squabble dragged on, the more the people perceived it as a political reprisal, a punishment that the city government has to bear to the hilt. More infrastructure projects stopped due to the dwindling supply of sand and gravel and more workers laid off. Who would say that the governor had acted in the interest of the katawhan he claimed he truly loved? Definitely Gov. Yebes would. (Press Freedom, Vol. XIX No. 41)

Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665





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