January 1, 2008


Dapitanons, supporters disappointed over Nonong Jalosjos’s foiled homecoming

Former Congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos could have been freed on December 16 this year and could have been home on December 20. However, the release was suddenly cancelled and the former congressman ordered to stay in jail as case was still under review of the Department of Justice, Sec. Raul Gonzales stressed.

Dapitan City Councilor Apple Marie Agolong denounced the bad image that the media were painting on Former Congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos. “It’s unfair,” she said, “it’s just statutory rape, meaning walay pwersa!” she added.

It was learned that Dapitanons, municipal mayors, supporters and relatives had already readied themselves for a grand reunion, which could have started at the Dipolog Airport on December 20. In fact, yellow balloons were already flown on the early morning last Sunday and firecrackers exploded to mark his release from the New Bilibid Prison where he had stayed for 16 years when he was convicted for statutory rape. In an interview with ANC TV channel, Jalosjos’ younger brother and Dapitan City Mayor Dominador Jalosjos disclosed that everything was already laid for Nonong’s coming home.

On the other hand Dapitan City Vice Mayor Patri Chan also disclosed before the members of Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondents that a Thanksgiving Mass was held on the night of December 15. “And then we had a vigil until midnight when we were informed at 12:01 that Nonong was already out,” Ms. Chan said. She said she was not pleased with the foiled homecoming of the lawmaker, pointing out there were many others who committed a more serious crime yet were released in due time.

“He (Nonong) could have been our guest of honor during our Christmas Party if he had only been released,” the lady official sighed. Looking at how some national newspapers and television channels pictured Nonong, Dapitan City Councilor Apple Marie Agolong denounced the bad image that they were painting on him. “It’s unfair,” she said, “it’s just statutory rape, meaning walay pwersa!” she added. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)

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 Gov.Yebes: Nonong is no longer an inmate

Despite the controversy over the release of former congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos from the New Bilibid Prison, Gov. Rolando Yebes believed that the lawmaker is not a prisoner anymore. “It’s just a matter of misjudgment at the DOJ,” the governor said.

“They pictured Nonong as child rapist or child molester-which is too far away from statutory rape,” Gov. Yebes sadly commented.

Just as the release order had already been signed and in order, Gov. Yebes was optimistic that Nonong could be released as early as next year as his case was still reviewed by the Department of Justice. As to the commutation of his sentence, the governor disclosed it had already been done by the Bureau of Corrections which was tasked to determine whether the computation for commutation was correctly done.

“I don’t believe that Bureau of Corrections had not informed the DOJ about the release order; it’s just politics, I guess,” Yebes said. He recalled that even during the early trial of the case, there were already politicians who were behind it in order to secure his conviction. On the other hand, Gov. Yebes deplored the manner how Manila media handled Nonong’s case. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


Motion for inhibition pushed vs. Judge Lacaya

City Judge Victoriano Lacaya Jr. of the Municipal Trial Court in cities was all set to hear the election protest filed by Letecia Bagarinao against Barangay Captain Nathan Patangan of Diwan, Dipolog City. However, Patangan’s legal counsel, Atty. Cres Palpagan, Jr. disclosed that earlier in the case, his client had already lost trust in the prosecutor in effecting a fair trial, so they had filed a motion for the judge’s inhibition in the case.

He pointed out that the prosecutor had shown several manifestations that he lacked legal knowledge as regards the election protest.  Perhaps, he pointed out further, he must have faked ignorance to give the other party an edge over Patangan. The legal counsel narrated how the judge ignored all the motions they filed before the court since the beginning of the hearing.

“There was never a favorable action given to all our motions and it was a clear violation especially on the revision of ballots and the submission of brief,”Atty. Palpagan sadly commented. He narrated that Judge Lacaya ordered the Branch Clerk of Court to issue a notice of Preliminary Conference to both parties, with the concluding paragraph which read: “Failure to file briefs or to comply with its required content shall the same effect as failure to appear for preliminary conference.” On the same notice, it was clarified that failure of the Protestant and her lawyer to appear during the preliminary conference would mean dismissal of the case.

Atty. Palpagan pointed out that on November 17, 2007, his client filed the brief as required by law at 10:17 a.m. However, Bagarinao filed it on November 19, on the same day the preliminary conference was conducted. It could be a clear violation of the judge’s Rules of Procedures, Patangan said, but the prosecutor ignored their motion and moved to continue hearing the case. “The Judge did not consider the weight of the other provisions of the law which could have been made as basis for the dismissal of the case,” the legal counsel said.

Even Atty. Jose Cabato, Jr. who is Patangan’s Chief advisor had seen some mandatory provisions in the Rules of Court specifically Section 8, Rule 10 which were violated but which Judge Lacaya just dismissed and just ordered that all objections be registered in the prescribed forms, and left it to the court to determine whether the ballot is genuine or fake. However, Atty. Palpagan made it clear that there is no law or procedure in court which stipulates the presumption of the validity of the ballots which were subjected under revision.

Although Judge Lacaya finally inhibited himself from hearing the case, the legal counsel felt the former had harbored some ill will against him for raising two major issues which would effect for his inhibition. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


 Liga president appeals for sand and gravel

Who would ever wonder why the children in Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City were always singing: Rain, Rain go away, come again another day? Not barangay chairman Nelson Saldon, interim president of the Liga ng mga Barangay, Dipolog City Chapter who appealed to Gov. Rolando Yebes to let Dipolog City extract sand and gravel for its different projects. In a privileged speech before the SP recently, Saldon pictured the woes of the parents whose children suffered as they walked on battered roads especially during rainy days which could not be rehabilitated due to lack of sand and gravel.

Although there was already an earlier agreement between the city government and the provincial government as regards extraction of sand and gravel, the city government still felt they were still denied the minerals.

“It must be politics,” Saldon sounded disgusted as he felt the provincial government’s action as a political reprisal against the Uy’s. “This is Christmas time, time to give peace and love a chance,” he said. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


Mindanao Star Feature
Are women the 'better sex'?

Filipino women are better achievers than their male counterparts based on the latest gender gap index. According to the report during the latest World Economic Forum (WEF), Filipino women have achieved equality in educational attainment, healthy life expectancy and improving opportunities for skilled women professionals.

The WEF gender gap index showed that the Philippines ranked sixth in the world in providing equal opportunities for women. The country also rate well in political empowerment as well as other economic indicators such as estimated income, labor force participation and income equality for similar work.

The report said that Filipino women dominated their male counterparts in the education and training sectors from primary with 87 percent, secondary 76percent and tertiary education 56 percent. More Filipino employed women in the country also completed college than men, the report said, stressing that one out of three employed women had reached college while only one out of five employed men had reached college.

Based on the WEF index, the Philippines also scored a high 5.86 score in the ability of women to rise to enterprise leadership positions. Filipino women have steadily been outnumbering men in executive positions over the last five years, said report revealed.

Labor Secretary Arturo Brion disclosed that there are more Filipino women supervisors and executives than men, noting the gap had steadily widened since 2002. Brion attributed the rise in the number of women supervisors and managers in the country to education. (Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.48)


Yebes dismayed over Food for School program


The Hunger Mitigation Program of President Gloria M. Arroyo in Zamboanga del Norte was recently seen to have been slowly implemented due to lack of transportation facilities. Gov. Rolando Yebes explained that there were delays observed in the delivery of rice supplies to the municipalities since he was never informed about the Food for School Program of PGMA.

“In fact I only learned it from DepEd Superintendent Sarahadil when we met in Pange, Siayan recently,” the provincial governor sadly disclosed. It was learned that 21 provinces in the country were placed under the hunger mitigation program.  One such program is the giving of one kilo of rice to each pupil every day.

Recently however, the governor knew that the said program could not yet be implemented in far-flung areas since there were no vehicles to transport rice to all public schools, from Rizal to Sibuco. “How could we extend help when we were not informed all about it?,” the governor asked when the problems met in its implementation reached his office.

To facilitate the distribution, Yebes committed the vehicles of the province to help in the hauling of the grains from the National Food Authority warehouses to the intended municipalities. “The mayors will then help in transporting the rice to the public schools within their jurisdiction,” the governor said. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


Chan: Dapitan opposes Philex exploration

The recent intention of Philex Mining to include the mountains of Taguilon in its mining explorations was strongly opposed by Dapitan City Government. Dapitan City Vice Mayor Patri ‘Jing’ Chan disclosed that she had received notice that Philex had applied for permit to mine copper in Rizal which could also include mountains in Taguilon.

Fearing that the water supply from the already denuded mountains of Taguilon could be affected by the ravage of exploration, she disclosed that such application was turned down. The lady official was sad when the Department of Environment and Natural Resources sent them a letter informing them that the city has no authority to oppose such application.

“The more we were not pleased; the more we worked to oppose it,” she added. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)



In the spirit of the Christmas season, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said today the suspension of offensive military operations (SOMO) that the government earlier declared against the New People’s Army (NPA) continues despite the ambush of Marine soldiers in Palawan six hours after the ceasefire was declared last Dec. 16.

During that incident, three unarmed Marine soldiers on their way to market were ambushed and killed by NPA rebels in San Vicente, Palawan. “The declaration of the suspension of present military operations (ceasefire) continues from Dec. 16 up to Jan. 6 notwithstanding the incident in Palawan where three Marines were waylaid by NPAs,” Ermita said.

In his weekly media briefing in Malacañang, Ermita said the incident has already been brought to the attention of the leftist rebels but government forces were still ordered to undertake “prophylactic patrols to prevent a surprise attack on towns or police stations.” Ermita said policemen and soldiers were ordered to take the necessary precaution as the SOMO was declared only unilaterally on the part of the government. (PIA-ZN)



Twin cities to give performance bonus
It’s P10,000 for every employee

Majority Floor Leader of Sangguniang Panlungsod of Dipolog, Councilor Peter Co confirmed recently the giving of P10,000 performance bonus to all qualilfied government employees. He disclosed that in a special session of the SP, CALLED BY Mayor Evelyn Uy, it was unanimously approved that a performance bonus P10T shall be given and a total of P11M was appropriated for the said purpose.

Although there was a point raised to give a one month salary rather than the P10T Councilor Co admitted, they opted for the P10T to be fair to everybody. On the other hand, Dapitan City Vice Mayor Patri “Jing” Chan also confirmed that Dapitan City Employees could also receive the P10T performance bonus.

“All we are waiting is the memo circular from the Department of Budget and Management,” she disclosed,” and if it arrives, go!,” she added. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)



President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo gave pardon today to 64 aging inmates in line with the policy of the administration to extend clemency to prisoners who have reached the age of 70.

Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman Ignacio R. Bunye said in a statement quoting the President that “Prisoners are people. They deserve as much compassion, if not more humane treatment, as those living in a free society.”

Another 10 cases are being processed and may be pardoned and released too on or before Christmas Day. Today’s pardon brings to a total of 258 the number of pardoned prisoners since January 2007. Of the 258 released inmates, Bunye added, 137 were granted pardon by reason of old age (70 years old and above), 48 due to serious medical condition, and 73 upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Parole. Among the convicts pardoned this year were four octogenarians (80 years old and above), namely Tereso Ngujo, Rebecca Cabrales, Timoteo de Asis, and Celestino Gardon, while one was already 91 years old in the name of Rodolfo Pante.

Bunye said the President is hopeful that society will welcome back the released prisoners and give them a second chance to live their lives as useful citizens. (PIA-ZN)



Art & Culture
Don Gurrea
“PAGSAULOG” The Visual Art Exhibition

In celebration of the “Linggo ng Sindangan”, MUGNA (Sindangan Visual Artists) organized a Contemporary Group Visual Art Exhibition held at the Galeria Patrocinio, 749 A. Mabini Street, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. Entitled “Pagsaulog”, the art exhibition was opened last December 17. Leading the opening ceremonies were BISHOP JOSE MANGUIRAN, JR., Sindangan Municipal Councilor WILLY CASTROJO and Dipolog City Prosecutor Fiscal MEINARDO VELASCO. At the blessing and opening of art exhibition, Bishop Jose Manguiran, Jr. gave a brief inspirational message on art and its significance to society. The Bishop stressed on the importance of art as instrument in visually expressing truth and beauty culled from nature.

Organized in Sindangan more than three years ago, MUGNA is composed of Sindangan-based visual artists coming from all walks of life. The group’s main concerns are to promote art awareness and education among the public, to cultivate the artistic talent and skill of the youth, and to provide artistic growth and create economic opportunities for local art practitioners. Aside from yearly art exhibitions in Sindangan, MUGNA members occasionally exhibit their art works in other key cities in the Philippines. This year’s art exhibition in Sindangan is participated in by artists RENANTE ANINON, J. KIM O. BATULA, EDWIN DAGONDONG, BETH BORDADO-GURREA, DON GURREA, LITO MARQUEZ, ARIS REBOLLIDO, RUBY SABANAL and SAMSON SAILE.

Guest artists coming from Dipolog and Dapitan include DENNIS BATOCAEL, ROMEL G. BENTULAN, MA. LORNA RAGO-BENTULAN. ALDRIN ELMAN, SER ANTHONY GALLEMIT, JUNI GRAPA, VECENTE LAPUT, JR., DESSA LAPUT, JOSEPH SABAL, ED TABANCURA, and FRITZENDEL TABANCURA. The “Linggo ng Sindangan” celebation was formally opened on December 17 with a Grand Street Parade participated in by all Sindangan Local Government Units, National and Provincial Agencies, private groups and individuals with Guest of Honor Governor ROLANDO E. YEBES. Other major activities for “LInggo ng Sindangan” include Off road Racing at Goleo Race Track, Christmas Tree Lighting Contest at the Municipal Plaza, Agro-Trade Fair, Search for Miss Sindangan 2007, Senior Citizen’s Night, Amateur Singing Contest, Dance Festival and several others.

In behalf of the artists’ group, MUGNA President J.KIM O. BATULA is thankful to the following persons and agencies for their valuable moral and financial support - CONGRESSMAN ROSENDO “DODOY” LABADLABAD, BISHOP JOSE MANGUIRAN, JR., FISCAL MEINARDO VELASCO, MAYOR BERT MACIAS, ENGR. WINCESLAO BULFA, MR. NONOY SAGUIN, COUNCILOR WILLY CASTROJO, MRS. JOSEPHINE CASTROJO, COUNCILOR TATING SIA and to all who took time viewing the art exhibition. Thanks also to the ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE FEDERATION OF VISUAL ARTISTS, INC. (ZANFEVA), LGU SINDANGAN, KALINAWA ART FOUNDATION, GALERIA PATROCINIO, RIVERSIDE MILLS, ELISHER MERCHANDISE AND CLASSIC HERBS, INC., DATA WAVE COMPUTER SERVICES, and GRC PHOTO AND FRAMES / EVER BILENA COSMETICS. (Art exhibition is ongoing until January 17, 2008. For further information please contact cell phone numbers 0926 6033 968 and 0920 2448 144. Or email at don_gurrea@yahoo.com) (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


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mga opisyal sa dapitan nahugno gipugngan paggawas ni jalosjos

Mga opisyales sa kagam-hanang lokal sa dakbayan sa Dapitan nga gipangulohan ni Mayor Dominador Jalosjos, Jr., ang nahugno sa report nga gipugngan sa Justice Department ang pagawas sa ilang giilang lider ug idolo. Si Vice Mayor Patri Jing Chan sa interview sa mga

Si Vice Mayor Patri Jing Chan sa interview sa mga membro sa Zamboanga del Norte United Corrrespodents namahayag nga na-hugno ang ilang paglaum sa dihang ilang nabate nga napakgang ang pagawas ni Jalosjos niadtung Dominggo.

membro sa Zamboanga del Norte United Corrrespodents namahayag nga na-hugno ang ilang paglaum sa dihang ilang nabate nga napakgang ang pagawas ni Jalosjos niadtung Dominggo.

Former VM Cheng visits China
By: Graciela Mejos Desur 

Former Vice Mayor Bebs Cheng as he is fondly called was one of the two Philamlife agents from Mindanao who went to China last September 12-18, 2007 as an award from Philamlife. There were around 100 awardees but mostly coming from Luzon and Visayas.

According to Engr. Cheng he was very much impressed with China’s progress especially its road network. It is wide and planted with trees both sides. Their buildings are mostly high-rise whether it is used for business or for dwelling. Engr. Cheng said that China is paying much attention to tourism industry. English speaking tourist guides are well-versed with the historical background of the places they visited like Huangpu Pearl & TV Tower (468-meters in height), Shanghai thus far, the tallest building in China. It is located along the river bank of Huangpu River where motorboats are cruising day and night, but during nighttime all the buildings along the river bank are lighted up making it such a beautiful and magnificent sight. A portion of the river bank is where the “The Bund” is found and often referred to as “the museum of buildings”, as many different styles of European buildings can be found there. The group toured to the House of Songs, the wife of Dr. San Yet Sen where they stayed until their death and being made a shrine. Dr. San, like our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, was also a physician and a revolutionary leader, the author of the Three Principles of Democracy. They were also treated to an acrobatic show with breath-taking timing and precision of the performers.

Former Vice Mayor Bebs Cheng as he is fondly called was one of the two Philamlife agents from Mindanao who went to China last September 12-18, 2007 as an award from Philamlife.

The group rode the Shanghai Maglev Train (Magnetic Levitation) made in Germany and is considered the fastest train in the world with a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour. They were toured the Great Wall of China at Beijing side, considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It stretches a length of 5,660 kilometers to prevent the invading forces from the North like the Mongols. They also toured government-owned businesses like the jade & pearl farming. According to Engr. Cheng, the Dipolog 3,003 steps leading to the Linabo Peak and the Dr. Jose Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City can be further developed to cater to local and foreign tourists with well-trained tourist guides well-versed in English, and probably some who can speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean & Spanish.

Yearly, Philamlife is giving award by way of foreign tour as an incentive to their top performer agents, and Dipolog is proud to have produced an awardee. Philamlife Dipolog was established in the 50’s and constructed its own building along C.P. Garcia Street in the 1960’s. Throughout its existence, Philamlife has been always the No. 1 insurance company that lands among the top 50 out of the 1,000 corporations every year as published in the newspapers. Philamlife offers a variety of plan such as, but not limited to, life protection, educational, savings, retirement, health, pension, non-life insurance like fire & vehicle and lately investment. Philamlife celebrated its 60 years of existence last June 21, 2007 and is proud to be a big taxpayer and has benefited thousands of its policyholders, agents and their families. (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.25)


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P200T Christmas Gift

Top cops who took back Peninsula Hotel get medals. This is their reward for arresting the mediamen and looting the hotel.


Congressmen gifted themselves at P200,000.00 each as Christmas bonus. This must be a very merry Christmas. By 2008, they will receive P70 million each as pork barrel. It’s Christmas day everyday. Courtesy of GMA and JDV, the forerunners of moral revolution.


The Philippines was the world’s top climate victim in 2006. It had been hit by storms that killed more than a thousand people and suffer billions of pesos in losses. What a pity to our country. When the dollar was pegged at $1 to P56 the price of our commodities were high. Now that a dollar is only worth P41.00, the prices are sky high! Tabang Lord . . . This is the prize of having an economist yet corrupt president. No wonder, she is rated by Pulse Asia Survey as the most corrupt president the country ever had.


People are glad that Malacañang had backed off from their proposal to revive the Anti Subversion Law. Anti Subversion Law then was better known as R.A. 1700. A person can be arrested on suspicion that he is a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Not necessarily NPA. If you are a member of a militant organization, the military can always tag your organization or association as legal front of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Mere membership of that organization can send you to jail. This law was repealed in 1992.


Because of Anti Subversion Law, many were arbitrarily detained when Martial Law was imposed in 1972. Thus, a hundred farmers who marched 1,700 km. from Sumilao, Bukidnon to Manila could have been an easy prey by the police if R.A. 1700 was there. Here, among the more famous detainees or victims then were Atty. Edgar Baguio (now a provincial board member). He was taken in about the last week of September 1972. He was then a sophomore student of the College of Law. He was a casual worker of the provincial capitol assigned at the office of then Gov. Virgenio Lacaya. He was the immediate past president of the Andres Bonifacio College Supreme Student Council. He led several rallies and demonstrations in the past. Saint Vincent’s College was raided too. Alex Batilong who was then a faculty member was also arrested. With him were Emma Bagwani and Phoebe Estera.


Another batch were able to elude arrest. They included Franklin Realiza, Linda Pampilo and Leo Ricafort. They went to the hills and continued their struggle for “National Liberation”. Franklin Realiza later on surfaced, with all the cases against him dismissed. He ran for City Mayor in 2001. The late Solomon Gurdiel and Edwin Saile were KAKUSA too.


Me? he he he. I was able to escape from the dragnet of Sgt. Ricardo Dahunan of the defunct Philippine Constabulary. I was in hiding at Ozamiz City then proceeded to Cebu incognito. There was no mobile phone then. Long distance calls were hard to reach. Lo and behold, one day I received a message on the first week of October that a family friend, a prominent businessman, the late Rufo “Opong” Ababong was willing to take me under his recognizance custody or placed me under house arrest if  I surrender. Sgt. Enrico and company then picked me up at an assigned placed then brought me to Camp Hamac. There were more than a hundred detainees to include ordinary criminals, pickpocketers, murderers, and “backsliding” politicians and others who didn’t support the New Society. We were all cramped in one smelly detention cell with only one C.R. Our friends and relatives were scared to visit us. The following morning, Manong Opong Ababon visited me bringing an assurance that everything was well. He was a bosom friend of the Provincial Commander Col. Adolf Bringas. They were drinking buddies. A week later, he came back, handed me a release order. My status was revised from detention prisoner to house arrest. I was set free that day. Thanks to Manong Opong. Unfortunately later that night Manong Opong died of Cardiac Arrest. May he rest in peace.


A few years later, Sgt. Ricardo Dahunan, the team leader who failed to arrest me became our ward leader when we joined politics and Sgt. Enrico who dragged me to the cell became my kumpare when he asked me to stand as sponsor to the wedding of his son. Today everytime we meet in the street, we still salute to each other. We become the best of friends. Life is full of irony and yet colorful to remember. The rest is now history.


The most popular number this week is 1700 representing 1,700 kilometers march of the Sumilao farmers with R.A. 1700 or Anti Subversion Law on the headline. This is a good number combination when you go to your lotto outlet.


A boyhood friend who turned politician used to gift me a ham but this season he sent me an expensive battery operated BP monitoring apparatus. Perhaps he wanted me to check the extent of the damage the ham had done to my heart. Daghang salamat, bay. Magpaabot na pod ko sunod pasko.


Excuse me, I just received a text message and may I share it with you as follows. “The word “woman” has “man” in it. The pronoun “Mrs.” Has “Mr.” in it. The noun “female” has “male” in it. Another pronoun “she” has “he” in it. Even the French “Madam” has “adam” in it. It is therefore no wonder daghang under the underwear.  he he he . Merry Christmas to all. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)

Watch out for Demolition Job

This is not a maiden appearance of this column.  It appeared 20 years ago when I founded this paper.  It continued to run for years until this writer was embroiled in politics.  Politics and journalism should not go together. Today, it reappear;  It is an indication that I’m hanging my political gloves. In this country, wala nay “piniliay,” ang atua “pinalitay.”  I can not afford it.


I purposely timed the rebirth of this column on the birthday or grand opening of Chevy Petron owned by my classmate Rolando Soliva.  We were classmate from elementary grades up to high school.  His mother Victoria was our grade V teacher.  The family occupies a special spot in my heart.


Rolando is now a lolo and his wife Cecil is also a lola now.  Roland, do you still sleep with a lola?  He he he!


Mayor Belen Uy was there during the opening.  We were seated side by side.  Somebody approached me, offered a hand shake and said “Mayor, maayo kay nia ka” and I answered back “I’m Aniceto Uy Young and the mayor is Roberto Young Uy.”  In Tagalog, they call it pinsan bu-o; like Acao Lim, we are all pinsan bu-o.


While we belonged to different political fences in the previous political exercise, I’m still proud that my pinsan bu-o was able to complete his 3-term for 9 years undefeated.  Of course P1, 000 psos bills which flooded the city during the election makes me less proud of him.


Last week, someone handed me a Dec. 4, 2007 issue of People’s Brigada.  A Manila based tabloid.  The picture of Congressman Dodoy was displaced prominently with the following banner headline- “Benefits ng nasawing OFW, ninakaw ni Congressman.”  A staff of the congressman told me that the solon took the issue in stride claiming that these are all recycled issues.  The so-called incident happened in 2001. The story appeared to contain falsehood but as you read along it has a semblance of credibility.  In political propaganda, the story may not be true.  What is necessary is that it should be credible. The “Brigada” was distributed to the different offices of the congressmen for free in the Batasan.  It was a batasan blast that did not create a tremor.


The story may not affect Congressman Dodoy, but if I were his handler, I will worry more because that means a well organized and well financed group is already doing its demolition job at him at this early stage.  The Brigada story si only a tip of an iceberg.  Expect more demolition job to come.


Whatever happened to the Dipolog SK chairmanship election is an eye opener. Councilor Dante’s kin lost to Councilor Muling Soliva’s relative.  One insider told me that all Dante’s peers at the SP were burning their midnight candle to support Muling’s kin… City Hall did their dirty trick too. Poor Dante, when will you learn your lesson? It happened to you and to your family in the past. And it did happen again.  According to a Chinese philosopher Confucius “He who stumbles at the same stone twice is stupid.” In politics, you don’t only watch your steps but you should watch your back too.  Take it from me. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 9)


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 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
It’s the will of God that gives us Freedom!

God forgives us on the basis of His mercy or on the basis of His justice? God forgives us on the basis of His justice. In 1 John 1:9-10 says, if we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong, V-10, if we claim we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar and showing that His word has no place in our heart. It is the death of Christ on the cross that makes forgiveness by God a just act. It is in appearing to His justice that forgiveness is possible, not in an appeal to His mercy. Let me explain this.

I heard the life testimony of former rapist bro. Cesar Guy, he was in prison at new bilibid, Muntinlupa, life sentence. After serving 15 years he was given pardoned and so with his freedom. He became a free man when he encountered God while inside his cell. Prior to this incident, he was visited for several times by pastors, anointed by God to preach His word in the bible. There conversations lead bro. Cesar, to accepting that he was dirty, filthy, stinking, miserable, rotten sinner. After being aware of every wrong thing he has done, and knowing that these has separated him from God. He asked true forgiveness from God and accepted responsibility for it and cope with it. Because of this forgiveness it was the first consequence of repentance. His repentance resulted to change of his thinking, feeling bad about his sin. He started to get in touch with his pastor wanting to become born again Christian. He was told by his Pastor that there’s a cost to becoming Christian and that he needed to face that honestly before making a response. He thought about this lengthily until he decided to follow no matter what it takes, which means turning his life 180 degrees and living in righteousness inside the maximum security prison.

Bro. Cesar told his pastor, all right, you have persuaded me and am now ready to accept Jesus Christ, as my Lord and personal saviour. The prayed together the sinner’s prayer, and he told God, to rule his life from now on. He changed his mind about himself and acknowledging his own inability to live as he should, he began to depend upon Christ within Him. He changed his mind about his sin, confessed directly to Jesus Christ, and thanked Him for taking it away on the cross. On the succeeding years, Bro. Cesar, has become a new creation and a new man. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come

The new character and the new image of bro. Cesar Guy, has astonished many of the Prison Officials. The reality of the changed attitude shown resulted to their recommendation of bro. Cesar for pardoned on his remaining years of sentenced. It’s the will of God that gives your freedom, His walking to the outside world. There were several are already serving the Lord and preaching the word of God, which they learned inside their prison doors.

As far as I remember, they are, bro. Butch Belhica, bro. Vincent Crisologo, bro. Roger Arrienda, and just recently, bro. Martinez, convicted of the Aquino-Galman, killing also received pardoned. All these people mentioned, received by faith, a certificate, certifying that all their sins are forgiven, signed by God. The bible stated, in 1 John 1:7, says, “The blood of Jesus, His son, purifies us from every sin. Which means, that we must have pure heart to receive Jesus, we must always be faithful to and will always in obedience to His commandments and will always be ready to share to others.

In Luke 4:18-19, says, the spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed. To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


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Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondents (ZNUC) would like to
thank the following sponsors for the success oF
the Search for A Singing Idol 2007 HELD last December 15, 2007

ZaNorte Governor Rolando E. Yebes
Dapitan City Mayor Dominador Jalosjos, Jr.
Dapitan City Vice Mayor Patri “Jing” Chan
Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation, Inc.
2nd District Board Member Ricky Mejorada
Dr. Adonis Valmoria, Chief of Hospital
Piñan District Hospital
ZANECO General Manager Adelmo Laput
Zanorte Vice Governor Francis Olvis
Former 2nd district Congressman Roseller “Matoy” Barinaga
Former Dipolog City Vice Mayor Edelburgo “Bebs” Cheng
OIC Provincial Engineer Ramon Ochotorena
Provincial Attorney Jesgal Sarmiento, Jr.
Provincial Administrator Atty. Rafael Cabanlit
2nd District Board Member Ricky Mejorada
2nd District Board Member Cedric “Adre” Lacaya Adriatico “Pader nga masandigan, panalangin ang
LTO Chief Yusoph Ismael
Atty. Joseph Lester Patay
RHT Marketing
24 hour-Convenience Store
Nicia’s Fashion Center
Sagrado’s Cakes and Catering Services
Global Fund Malaria Component
1st district Board Member Jun Cabigon
Lando Bibo Federation President Ding-ding Baidianggo, Rizal Chapter
Mr. Remelo Damuag


Credits: Mindanao Star is published once a week and is circulated to the 25 Municipalities and 2 Cities of the province of Zamboanga del Norte. Mindanao Star can be reached through the following contact info: #096 Donña Concepcion Macias Montaño Building, Gen. Luna Street, Dipolog City; Phone/Fax No. (065) 212-2676; Mobile No.: 0919 735 6967. Email: mindanaostar@yahoo.com



Good day Philippines and Hello ZaNorte!

Children are singing Christmas carols everywhere and knocking to our doors begging for some peso coins because it is Yuletide season. We can’t hide and have nowhere to run but share something for them. A popular line says “SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS”!!!  In this season, we will not just feel the sprit of love-giving but through out the coming years to come.


Ø May I have the envelope please……. The winner of Ms. Blayn Item’s Golden Award is Mr. D. Where are your job order employees? Naa man daw laing gika-busyhan? Hello Philippines and Hello World. Murag wala man jud ka magtinarong sa imong work diha sa capitol. STOP NA! TAMA NA! SOBRA NA!

Ø Gov. Rolando Yebes will be giving 14th month pay for the regular and casual employees at the provincial capitol. He already did this during his first term.  Gobernador nga dili mohikaw sa mga benipisyo sa mga empleyado. Ang city government kaha no? Ayaw nalang mo pagdahom, i-donate nalang na ninyo sa redcross. Hehehehe

Ø Have a joyous Christmas Party capitol people!!!!! KAINAN NA ‘YAN

Ø ZaNorteans are keep on asking when is the opening of the new ZN Medical Center. What’s the deal ba madam? Ikaw ha, imo rabang mga constituents sa Dipolog, mahimaya man pod unta ana nga hospital. Graveh ka naman, madam. Sobra na pod imong PAMOLITIKA. (Kokey… bad ka!)

Ø Sino ba itetch? Iya daw gidibdib akong mga chuchak niya? Dili na daw siya kaayo katulog. Alangan makatulog siya nga nahalangan man jud siya. In fact, sauna ra man pod na siyang nagpabuyag. Feeling niya nakalingkod siya sa RAINBOW. Juice ko, di pod siya PRINCESS kay sili siya bagay kay dili siya IFA. If I were you, BEHAVE nalang, dili kay feeling nimo close na kaayo mo ni GOV. Mag- LANDO ra raba ka sa imong GOBERNADOR. bisan diha sa opisina. HINDI MO SIYA KAFATID ATEH? Pag SIR pod para FORMAL. Hehehehehehe. Oh, ano? Angal?

Ø Ms. SOBRAdo? Kinsa diay imong gisaligan nga nitaas naman imong lupad. Oyyy. Basin taas unya imong bagsakan ha? Dako jud kag buto inday… Di na maayo sa among mga mata ang imong gibuhat mother. Ano ka hello?

Ø Sa mga nagpabuyag sa kapitolyo, unsa kaha inyong mga NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION no? Please include in your list the following things that need to be changed;

· ako ng putlan akong sungay kay nitaas na.

· ako ng serbisyuan ug tinarong ang mga katawhan sa ZaNorte kay dako ko ug sweldo gikan sa mga magbubuhis.

· dili na nako bulingan ang imahe sa maayong performance sa akong gobernador.

· THE MOST, ako ng dakpon ang BUTTERFLY AGENT sa CHUCHAK kay basin masakpan na pod unya ko kung magpabuyag unya ko. HEHEHEHEHE. Asa ninyo madakpan nga 168 man sila kabuok.

Ø Merry Christmas and a have Happy New Year ahead of you! I’ll see you around. Sige Bye! (Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.48)


Credits: Mindanao Star is published once a week and is circulated to the 25 Municipalities and 2 Cities of the province of Zamboanga del Norte. Mindanao Star can be reached through the following contact info: C.P. Garcia Street, Dipolog City; Mobile No.: 0921 458-3830. Email: mindanaostar@yahoo.com



Press Freedom Editorial
Another political tragedy

The recent election of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) is seen by many as another tragic political exercise in this country.

The barangay captains are perceived to be nonpartisans and to have no political leanings at all and whose decision of choice cannot be tainted with political discoloration.

As true representatives of the people in the barangays, the people look up to them as officials who are immune from any strong man’s dictate.  Better still, they are looked upon as people who can resist the lure of easy money and greed.

However, the recently concluded ABC Federation election failed the people’s expectations, as the barangay captains became puppets of politicians or any Mr. Power or Mr. Strongman.

The politicos have pulled their strings incessantly as they wanted them to twist and glide according to their kind of music.

How tragic. The new political style is to secure one barangay captain’s vote by hiding him somewhere that is beyond the reach of any ABC federation president wannabes, and his cohorts.

And how more tragic if the barangay captain has allowed him/herself to be used and misused by politicians. But most tragic of all is when he could no longer come out of his hiding and just disappear like a passing ship in the night.

As always, barangay elections are here to stay.  It is the best time to mark those who are the most gutless, spineless individuals whose head and butt can be interchanged, but still would want an office. Mark them and mark them well. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 9)


A merry Christmas still

Christmas is just one of the few occasions that people are the happiest.  It could be more than trite and commonplace to many, but Christmas has always been seen as the time of giving, sharing and loving - not necessarily receiving. But contrary to what we perceived it to be, we have continued up to this day to cultivate the culture of receiving and frowned upon people who have never given us anything.

Perhaps the economic condition we are in pushes us to find more delight in receiving than giving. We deplore people whom we expected to give but never cared. Sometimes we give and the catch is to receive. But Christmas could still be merry even without the things that we can hold and behold.

A healthy body, for one.
A clean environment.
A hearty smile from our neighbors and friends.
Wonderful mornings, peaceful evenings.
A good heart, holy thoughts, fulfilling life-

These are just a few things we receive every day but we fail to treasure as very wonderful things. Perhaps, Christmas could be a fitting time to take stock of these gifts and be happy that we have received them even if we have not longed for them.

They’re here with us all these years and they could have been the ultimate gifts that make our Christmas the merriest. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2008! (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 10)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com





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