Gloria de Dapitan has all that foreign and local tourist need
Dapitan boast of world class commercial center

DAPITAN CITY – A soft-opening of a world class commercial center, named Gloria de Dapitan, in a three-hectare prime land in this city was held on Thursday, Nov. 24. Gloria de Dapitan, is located along Sunset Boulevard, has all the ingredients to be par with other well-known commercial centers in the country and the world.

“We want to bring glory to Dapitan. This literally is the meaning of Gloria de Dapitan,” says Dapitan City Mayor Dominador Jalosjos Jr., younger brother of Rep. Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos. Incidentally, the soft-opening ceremony on Thursday was held as the highlight of the 65th birthday of Rep. Jalosjos.

Gloria de Dapitan Main Entrance

“We are hoping that Gloria de Dapitan could spur economic development not only for the city but also for the neighboring communities in Zamboanga peninsula,’ the chief executive said. The younger Jalosjos also manages the popular Dakak Beach resort which has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in the country. He said the establishment of Gloria de Dapitan is a dream-come-true to all Dapitan City residents as they will be no need for them to go Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, or Metro Manila to experience what a good life is.

“This is a gift for all Dapitanons and we want to share this even to our neighbors,” the city may or said. The soft-opening ceremonies was graced by several provincial and city officials, foremost of them Atty. Jess Sarmiento, the provincial administrator of Misamis Occidental who represented vice governor Rolando Yebes in the affair. Sarmiento cited the Jalosjos family for sharing the vision of the leadership of the province by investing in Dapitan City which is part and parecel of Misamis occidental.


“This is our big boost to tourism industry in this part of the country,” according to the provincial administrator. During the program, Gloria de Dapitan manager Maria Consuelo K. Locop presented a 15-minute video profile of the commercial complex. Ms. Locop’s presentation included the facilities and amenities of Gloria de Dapitan-the modern bowling center, the fitness gym, five-star cockpit, beauty salon, computer arcade, internet café, billiards and dart hall, disco pub, resto bars, coffee shop and bakery, boutiques, shoe and souvenir shops, pasalubong center, pharmacy, money changer, derma and spa center, and various food outlets from native to exotic cuisines. Also, there is the outdoor amusement rides.

“This is our way of showing our support and to avoid stiff competition among our valued business partners,” she said. The commercial complex is open to local and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to lease spaces for their business ventures.

Gloria de Dapitan is twelve (12) kilometers from the airport, six (6) kilometers form the seaport, fourteen (14) kilometers form the business district of Dipolog City, twenty (20) minutes from Dakak Park and Beach Resort and eight (8) hours bus ride form Cagayan de Oro City. (Ian Roy T. Ruiz, Senior Reporter, Golden Chronicle Vol.17 No.29)

Public given preview of Gloria de Dapitan


It was sort of a preview of what really is Gloria de Dapitan; what is it and what it offers to all. Thursday evening, November 24 was its first public presentation, although not yet its formal opening. Maria Consuelo K. Locop, its general manager summed it as a place “for business with pleasure.”

Welcoming all when you enter Gloria de Dapitan is a beautiful fountain with dancing water and lights.

For the kids are the computer game center and two very classical carousels.

Maria Consuelo K. Locop, its general manager summed Gloria de Dapitan as a place “for business with pleasure.”

For the more sophisticated are the disco bars and restaurants like this one being opened by Mr. Edwin Capili, the ever popular Willem’s Bar.

The occasion was also the birthday of the one who conceived the whole idea and owner, former First District Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos. It was attended by public officials like Dapitan City Mayor Dominador Jalosjos, Jr. and representatives of Gov. Rolando E. Yebes, businessmen and entrepreneurs, media people from Cebu, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro and local practitioners but mostly by the ordinary folks of Dapitan.

What you want to know about Gloria de Dapitan could be gleaned by what are found inside this business complex. Welcoming all when you enter is a beautiful fountain with dancing water and lights, and its main center which is the modern air-conditioned Gallera de Dapitan normally for cockfights but also for boxing promotions and special shows like concerts and stage performances of stars.

For the kids are the computer game center and two carousels. For all, of course are the many food houses serving all kinds of menu that cater to the pockets of the rich and the ordinary. Then for the more sophisticated are the disco bars and restaurants. For the sports aficionados is the Powerhouse, a gym complete for physical fitness and indoor games like tennis. Beside it is the ultra-modern bowling lane of international standard and electronically controlled.

There to, are beauty saloons, bakeries and pastries. A big area with the ground already prepared is where a big shopping mall will soon rise. Gaisano, it was learned did reserve to put up. Management assured that when one gets in, “what you need, we have it.” (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.V No.22) 


Aside from the enchanting Dakak Park and Beach Resort and the historic Rizal Shrine which are among country’s favorite tourist destinations, Dapitan City could bow boast of Gloria de Dapitan. Gloria de Dapitan, which is situated at Sunset Boulevard, is a one-of-its kind three hectare commercial complex, is almost complete and is scheduled to be formally inaugurated in January next year. But it is just a usual commercial complex.

Right at the very heart of Gloria de Dapitan is Gallera de Dapitan which architects Fernando Mirasol designed. It has a deluxe cockpit which may also be used for live entertainment shows, boxing matches and other crowd-drawing competitions. There is fully-airconditioned Exodus Bowling Center, which is the first of its kind in northwestern Mindanao, and could be at par with best bowling lanes in Metro Manila. It has eight lanes and setting the pins are computer-aided. Those who enjoy boxing, aerobics and belly dancing, there are state-of-the-art fitness equipment at Powerhouse Gym-the biggest gym is Zamboanga peninsula.

Gloria de Dapitan Business Establishments

Gloria de Dapitan also has a computer game arcade, internet café, disco pub, resto bars, coffee shop and bakery, boutiques, shoe and souvenir shops, fruits gallery, flower shop, pharmacy, derma and spa center, money changer and foreign exchange and an automated teller machine. Directly in front of Gallera is a colorful and intricately designed fountain-the main attraction, in fact. Not far from the fountain is Bistro Paborito where one could unwind listening to music, live acoustics and keyboards. Bistro Paborito serves meals, cocktail drinks and beverages.

There is a meatshop for fresh meat, ranging from beef, pork (including native pig) and fish. Exotic products, imported wines and varied types of cheese are also available. Just within the vicinity is the Cold Front where fresh fruits, ice-cold shake and juices are served. Beside it is the Nize Pizza where one would have a wide array of choices for toppings and even crusts. Then, at BB Edna Restaurant, one could enjoy native dishes form litson to seafood, barbecue to sutukil (sugba-tula-kilaw) and bas-oy (a mixture of several types of leafy and fruit vegetables) to satisfy one’s craving for distinctively Filipino.

Yummy snacks are also available at Sweet Angels-pork siomai, puto cheese, suman, bibingka, fresh lumpia and what you have. A place to get loose and enjoy will be the Willem’s Sport’s Bar. Aside from dart boards and billiard tables, it has a videoke bar and once in a while, an acoustics night. Soon to open is a beauty and grooming salon which will be named, High-End. It is going to be managed by Manila-based Jessie Mendez.

The amusement facilities include a carnival where one will find a carousels, mobile rides such as pagoda wheel, horror train, ferries wheel, wagon, bumper boats, merry mix-up fish coaster, majestic swan, red baron, astroliner, mini-safari, scramble, convoy ride dragon, mini lantern, sea birds and mad house. These are operated by Luzvimin Carnival Grande. The designers are architects Aaron A. Hamak and Delito Sagario Calasang Jr. of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). The project manager is Birnoben Nayal.

The entire commercial complex is fenced and further secured by guards who are on duty for 24 hours. It has wide spaces for vehicle parking. Literally means “to bring glory to Dapitan,” Gloria de Dapitan is 12 kilometers the airport, six kilometers from the seaport, and 14 kilometers from the urban center of Dipolog City. It is just 20 minutes from the Dakak Beach Resort, 10 minutes from Rizal Shrine.

If you are from Manila, it is 650 kilometers down southwest, 156 miles to Zamboanga City, 111 miles from Cebu City and 44 miles from Dumaguete City. Gloria de Dapitan is an innovative venture of Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos, who also owns Dakak Park and Beach Resort. Both are under the supervision of his younger brother, Dapitan City Mayor Dominador G. Jalosjos Jr. Gloria de Dapitan is managed by Ms. Maria Consuelo K. Locop. (Uriel C. Quilinguing, Golden Chronicle Vol.17 No.28)


Jesie Mendez Salon

A breakthrough on the latest trends on Hair and Make is already here, through the effort of Cong. Nonong Jalosjos. Jesie Mendez Salon Opened its first franchise outside Metro Manila last December 8, 2005 at Gloria De Dapitan.

The opening was attended by Jesie Mendez himself who personally cut the ribbon together with Zamboanga del Norte Representative Cecilia Jalosjos Carreon. It was highlighted by a Fashion Show that showcased the new trends on hair and make-up. Sons and daughters of politician of Zamboanga del Norte participated as models for the said show.


Jesie Mendez himself personally cut the ribbon together with Zamboanga del Norte Representative Cecilia Jalosjos Carreon.

Jesie Mendez models ramp up the catwalk.

Today, pampering yourself is made easy at Jesie Mendez Salon found At Gloria de Dapitan a luxury place for less.

The guests who were politician and businessmen were awestruck with the different and trendy hairstyle and make-up. It was something hip and cool some commented.

A high-end salon that caters Class A and Class B markets however does not intimidate others status quo especially those who have an eye for quality salon services. It also aims to provide the local community of Dapitan and Dipolog as well as the neighboring towns various trends style on hair and make-up. Today, pampering yourself is made easy at Jesie Mendez Salon found At Gloria de Dapitan a luxury place for less.



Scenes from the newly-opened Bistro Paborito located at Gloria de Dapitan that is owned and managed by the Agolong Family.

Posing alongside Dapitan City Mayor Dominador “Jun” Jalosjos, Jr. is City Councilor Apple Marie Agolong during the opening of her resto bar, the Bistro Paborito, that caters great food and cool drinks.


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